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These educational resources curated by Hand in Hand Parenting can support your growth as a parent and the well-being of your children.
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Working through Separation Anxiety
Play is Powerful When Working on Separation Anxiety with Your Child

Working through Aggression

Setting Limits and Building Cooperation
It's always better to set a limit when the first signal is given

Sleep & Bedtime Confidence
Children experience sleep as a separation from you.

Building Sibling Closeness
Family Practices to Reduce Sibling Rivalry


The Free Surviving Pandemic Parenting Series

Session 1: Making Sense of Limits When The Whole World Is Already Saying "No"
Session 2: MORE CONNECTION? But We’re Together ALL THE TIME!
Session 3: I Can’t Stop Nagging My Child - They Can’t Stand It, But If I Don’t Correct Them, No One Will!