Playshops and Classes

Hand in Hand Starter Class

This 6-week Starter Class is based in the latest neuroscience, rooted in principles of respect for you and your child, and steeped in a deep understanding that a strong, loving relationship with your child is the place from which their intelligence grows. The tools you will learn can be used to tackle typical parenting challenges like tantrums, power struggles, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, and also to address issues that are unique to your family. You’ll figure out how to set warm and loving limits, how to bring more playfulness and joy into your parenting, and most importantly, reduce parenting stress and boost your confidence as a parent. Parents of children under 9 welcome!


Child-Parent-Relationship-Training or 'Special Playtime' Training

CPRT is a structured 8-week program for caregivers of biological / adopted / fostered children aged 3-8 to learn ways to connect and form a stronger bond with your child through therapeutic play. In 8 weeks you will learn knowledge, skills, and strategies to help you become more attuned to your child’s emotional needs, communicate more effectively with your child, effectively discipline and limit inappropriate behavior, help your child develop self-control, gain greater confidence in your parenting skills, all in a fun, nonjudgmental group format, reducing the isolation in parenting.

Listening Circle

This parent support group is modeled on the 'Listening Partnership' tool of the Hand in Hand Parenting approach, which is a critical tool designed to reduce parental stress and overwhelm. In this group you will learn the art and skill of being an effective listener and build a habit of using this Listening tool to support your parenting. You will also build a personal plan for continued use of the Listening tool upon end of this group, or have the option to re-enroll at the next circle offering. You will also get a small introduction to the other Hand in Hand tools each week.



Various parenting topics. If you would like to bring a work play-shop to your organization, please get in touch!