Five ways to Bust School Struggles

School hasn't been the same for a while.
COVID has made it harder for children to learn the way they used to. It is just difficult to stay motivated and engaged during the whole school day, when your only point of contact with your class is a flat screen, or when children are needing to learn while socially distanced, masked and unvaccinated;
with the fear of COVID surrounding them relentlessly.
Understandably, children are frustrated learners. They refuse to follow through with their work. They refuse to show up on zoom. Or their mind drifts, missing important content. Homework is out of question.
“This is so boring!” “I hate school!” “You can’t make me!!” "Aargh!!!"
Sound familiar?

You are once again needing to put your work on the back burner and use incentives or consequences to get your child to do their work, or to beg them to cooperate. Never before has so much been demanded of you as a parent.

Breathe deeply right here.

If you have found yourself at the end of your rope with your child’s schooling, it is not your fault, or your child’s. I see you and your child, and how hard you are both working to get through this trying time. And you are not alone!

I strongly believe that with a little help, you and your children can find ease through school struggles. With you in mind, I have designed a fun download that encourages you to playfully lean into your child's needs underlying their school struggles. So that you can bust them. (the struggle, not the child). Wouldn't that be nice?

Take this in, breathe in again, because you deserve this.

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I am Priya Raghav, and I am a parent like you. I have experienced the greatest joys and travelled to the depths of frustrations with my sweet, delightful son. My trying moments pushed me to seek and meet new ways of thinking about children and parenting that rocked. my. world (in a good way of course :). Today I am a certified Hand-in-Hand parenting instructor and have 9 years of experience supporting families in navigating parenting hardships, reducing stress in the parenting relationship and deepening the parent-child bond. I believe that you don’t have to do this parenting thing alone. We’re in this together.