Meet Priya Saaral


I am a parent like you, and have experienced the greatest joys and travelled to the depths of my own insecurities with my sweet, delightful 9 year old son and his big emotions. My trying moments pushed me to seek and discover new ways of thinking about my child and his internal needs. I thank my stars that I stumbled upon a heart centered, holistic parenting philosophy that holds both parents, children and their struggles in good light and gave me the confidence that my and child and I can get through our trials and tribulations with strength.

Today I am a Certified Hand-in-Hand Parenting Instructor and have almost a decade of experience supporting families in navigating parenting hardships, reducing stress in the parenting relationship and deepening the parent-child bond. I believe in the power of play and listening in strengthening the parent-child bond and in raising resilient, confident and well-adjusted children. And I firmly resist the systemic belief that parents should pull up their bootstraps to do this alone.

Human beings are wired to live in community and to rely on one another for support. This is the premise on which Parent Village was born. As a first generation immigrant from India, I am intimately familiar with the emotional benefits of relying on close knit communities for day to day support. It reduces isolation, increases motivation, and confidence in one’s ability to move through this world. Not to mention the logistical support available to running your family too. But becoming a parent in the United States fed me with such conflicting messages that it took me a while to consciously counter it. Thanks to the Hand in Hand parenting model, I began to create my own village of parents with whom I could rely on for parenting support and grow in my experience of the Hand in Hand parenting tools. The transformation I have experienced in my parenting as a result has been profound. Having experienced the gifts of this model in my own parenting journey, I am passionate about paying my gifts forward and sharing these tools to support more parents like you.

My deepest desire is that Parent Village will help you find your own village to support your learning and growth with heart-centered parenting tools to raise well-adjusted, resilient children. Just imagine. Confident parents raising confident children is nothing less than a powerful force in the world: together we can fearlessly aspire to create a socially just and equitable world, one parent-child relationship at a time. Together we can create a revolution that will impact generations to come. So come and join the Parent Village to invest in you and your parenting journey, because social justice and change begins at home.

My Qualifications

Honorary PhD. in Motherhood (self-conferred) :)
Master's in Social Work, University of Washington
Bachelor's in Computer Engineering, Singapore
(Let's just say I've taken the scenic route, but it's been worth it)
Certified Hand-in-Hand Parenting Instructor
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Washington state*
Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor*
*Note: While I am qualified as a Mental Health Professional, I do not provide healthcare services at Parent Village.
If you reside in WA state and are looking for mental health services, please visit